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 Mutual Funds

The Power of Alliance...

Alliance is a licensed third party Mutual Fund agent for foreign registered international mutual funds. Such funds are registered under the laws of a foreign country to give eligible investors the benefits of tax-exempt status not available through domestic funds. International funds are not required to report information regarding ownership or earnings to any government or other authority, thus providing complete confidentiality for investors.

Janus Fund

Janus Worldwide Fund

MFS Meridian

MFS® Capital Opportunities Fund
MFS® Core Growth Fund
MFS® Emerging Growth Fund
MFS® Growth Opportunities Fund
MFS® Large Cap Growth Fund
MFS® Managed Sectors Fund
MFS® Mid Cap Growth Fund
MFS® New Discovery Fund
MFS® New Endeavor Fund
MFS® Research Fund
MFS® Strategic Growth Fund
MFS® Technology Fund


MFS® Emerging Markets Equity Fund
MFS® Global Asset Allocation Fund
MFS® Global Equity Fund
MFS® Global Growth Fund
MFS® Global Telecommunications Fund
MFS® Global Total Return Fund
MFS® International Growth Fund
MFS® International New Discovery Fund
MFS® International Value Fund
MFS® Research International Fund

Morgan Stanley Sicav

Morgan Stanley Funds
MS Sicav Asian Equity Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Asian Property Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Emerging Markets Fund (USD)
MS Sicav European Equity Fund (ECU)
MS Sicav European Property Fund (ECU)
MS Sicav Global Equity Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Global Small Cap Equity Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Gold Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Japanese Equity Fund (Yen)
MS Sicav Latiin American Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Pacific Basin Equity Fund (USD)
MS Sicav US Emerging Equity Growth Fund (USD)
MS Sicav US Equity Growth Fund (USD)
MS Sicav US Real Estate Securities Fund (USD)
MS Sicav US Small Cap Equity Fund (USD)
MS Sicav US Value Equity Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Deutschmark Bond Fund (Dem)
MS Sicav Emerging Markets Debt Fund (USD)
MS Sicav European Equity Fund (ECU)
MS Sicav Global Bond Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Italian Lira Bond Fund (Lira)
MS Sicav North America Bond Fund (USD)
MS Sicav Short Maturity European Bond Fund (ECU)
MS Sicav US High Yield Bond Fund (USD)
MS Sicav US Dollar Income Fund (USD)
Scudder Global Opportunities Funds
U.S. Short-term Income Fund
U.S. Mortgage-backed Securities Fund
U.S. High Yield Bond Fund Global Bond Fund
Emerging Markets Income Fund
U.S. Growth Fund Greater Europe Fund
Strategic Global Themes Fund
Emerging Markets Growth Fund
Latin America Fund Brazil Equity Fund
Greater Korea Fund

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