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The Bahamas - An Investor's Paradise
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Privacy Policy
Any information on
individuals or institutions operating through Alliance Investment Management will be retained in complete privacy.

The Bahamas, An Investors Paradise The Bahamas, A Stable Jurisdiction The Bahamas, A Vibrant Financial Services Sector

No personal or corporate taxes are levied on income, capital gains, or dividends providing individuals with broad options for investing and accumulating profits.
Premier Jurisdiction
The Bahamas is recognized worldwide as a first-class financial services centre, having established one of the world's first financial services sectors in the 1930s.
Sound Legislation
Modern and innovative laws have created an environment conducive to the development of a broad range of financial services.

The Bahamas is resolute in its commitment to the principals of trust and privacy in all financial services.
Political Stability
The Bahamas has enjoyed a stable parliamentary system of government for over 250 years.
An educated labour force and state-of-the-art fibre optic telecommunications makes dealings in The Bahamas simple and convenient.